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Improvements are so great.


In my time that I've been gone, I have found some things that I'm hoping will make my icon-making skills better. (Or at least, y'know, somewhat more comparable in a minor, eigth cousin seven times removed way to the other icon makers out there.) Namely, tutorials and brushes.

On this Friday night, I will be testing out these new tools. Redoing some icons, mostly. Which may produce new ones for you all to scoff at appreciate. All one of you all. ...Mmm.

This lack of audience brings me to a new point--if my icon skills actually do become noticably better, then I will be posting them to some icon communities. Which will hopefully bring in some new people. Because as much as I love making icons, they don't really work out so great if, uh, I'm the only one that sees them. Yes.

And that is my short, mostly meaningless announcement for tonight. *nods and exits*